When you're in charge of getting an elderly person from one place to another, the logistics can be complicated. You need to consider things like what they need to bring with them, how long they’ll be staying in their destination and how long the distance will be. Length of travel distance can be particularly significant if the elderly person you're helping is not able to walk a long way. If you're going a relatively long way, a transport wheelchair can be a lifesaver. If you're not familiar with the functions and benefits of transport wheelchairs, read on for a little more information.

Personalized versus Transport

Unlike personalized wheelchairs designed for people who will be using them long term, transport wheelchairs are light and streamlined. Custom wheelchairs, with their heavier construction, are often motorized and have components like hand controls, reclining backs and mini desks. Transport wheelchairs, on the other hand, are designed to carry a person from one place to the other quickly. Therefore, they are light and easy to lift and fold. They are not motorized, and they must be pushed from the back. They have small wheels, so users cannot propel themselves in these chairs. They can be a wonderful solution for both users and caregivers when employed on a daily basis or even in an isolated situation. Here’s why:


Their lightness allows for transport wheelchairs to be easily moved to the places where they’ll be used. If you plan one using one, you can usually stow it in the back of a car or van. Most adults can lift one of these chairs fairly easily. Their lightness also allows for ease of pushing. Most of them weigh less than 25 pounds, so they don’t add significant weight to that of the person being transported. The ease of use associated with transport wheelchairs can be very stress relieving for caregivers. When you know you’ve got a dependable way to move the elderly person in your care, it’s just one more worry you can cross off the list when you’re working out the logistics of a long trip or even of a short jaunt around town.

Comfort and Independence

Transport wheelchairs also allow seniors to travel in comfort. If walking is painful, a travel wheelchair can allow a person to get to their destination without stressing their body. Not only will traveling be more enjoyable, but the person riding in the wheelchair will also be less stressed upon arrival if they feel better.

Some seniors are reluctant to to try a transport wheelchair because they see using one as giving up their independence. These wheelchairs can actually be the start of more independence, however. They can allow people who have stopped leaving their homes to get out and do things once more. Simply getting out of the house can be the catalyst for a better social life, too. There are so many activities that seniors who use travel wheelchairs can be able to participate in once again, from a trip to the park to going shopping.So, if you are responsible for a senior who’s having trouble getting around, consider asking them to try a transport wheelchair. If they like the benefits, regularly using it can be easier on them and also on you. Searching for a wheelchair for sale in Detroit, MI, will likely reveal a plethora of options, one of which will work for your situation. See for  information before making a purchase.