Tips for Choosing the Perfect Lift Chair

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Just because your health begins to decline doesn’t mean your mobility has to suffer. Lift chairs allow users the freedom to get up and out of a chair without the struggle. These recliner lift chairs are perfect for any living space and come in a variety of different models. When looking at the various lift chairs for sale in Detroit, MI, there are a few things to consider before selecting the recliner that’s right for you.

Determine Which Type of Chair Lift Is Right

Lift Chairs come in a variety of different models. Each has different features to consider. Two-position lifts are perhaps the most common models chosen. These lifts allow the rider to sit upright in a chair-back position. They also have the option to recline to a 45-degree angle straight up and down, if you don’t want to fully recline. Three-position lifts include the above positions but also allow the rider to choose a full recline position. Infinite position lift chairs contain separate motors for the backrest and the footrest. These allow the user to adjust the lift as desired to create a custom position, perfect for naps!

Select Features

When choosing your Lift Chair, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your model depending on your taste. There are many different upholstery colors, styles, and materials to select from. Leather, velvet, and vinyl are the most popular options. Many lift models also offer heat and massage option, a folding tray table, and side cushion options to make your chair more enjoyable.

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Choose the Lift Chair for Your Body Size and Type

Lift Chair models vary in size. Before selecting a model and scheduling a delivery date, make sure that it’s the right size. Some models may have a weight limit or may have a footrest extender that’s much too long for your legs. Because you want to be comfortable, consider the seat size, width, and height beforehand.

If you’re shopping for the perfect lift chairs in Detroit, MI , for your home, it’s important to consider your needs before selecting a model. With careful consideration, you’ll find the right lift to help you maintain your mobility and independence.