Tips on Choosing the Right Wheelchair to Fit Your Needs

There's no one wheelchair that’s right for everyone. Every person has unique needs, and every wheelchair has special features to meet the need of consumers. If you or a family member needs a wheelchair, it’s important to research the topic before you decide about a purchase. Doing your research will help you make a decision that pays off with improved function, comfort, and safety. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a wheelchair.

Manual Wheelchairs

People with sufficient arm and upper body strength generally choose a manual wheelchair that they can propel themselves. Fortunately, modern design and lighter-weight materials have made today’s chairs even easier to use. A person buying a wheelchair will also need to consider whether they want a rigid or folding frame. Rigid frames are ones that do not fold, but they offer the benefit of transferring more energy into forward movement. Folding wheelchairs, however, are easier to transport in a vehicle.  

Power Wheelchairs

For anyone who does not have the strength to propel the wheelchair, a wheelchair powered by an electric motor is the correct choice. Just like with automobile models, you have a choice of rear-wheel or front-wheel drive wheelchair models. Rear-wheel drive models are the standard, but front-wheel drive models have gained popularity for their turning capabilities. Power wheelchairs are run by a battery. When shopping, you’ll hear three terms used regarding batteries: lead-acid, gel, and absorbent glass mat. Lead-acid batteries are the lowest cost option that have been around for a while. Gel and absorbent glass mat batteries hold a charge longer and are suggested for people doing air travel.

Transport Chairs

If you do a lot of car trips, you might want to look for a transport wheelchair in Detroit, MI. These wheelchairs are very lightweight in design. They also come with smaller rear wheels to allow for greater portability. These chairs are meant to be pushed by a companion accompanying the wheelchair user.

Recliner and Tilt Wheelchairs

There are many models of wheelchairs that offer reclining and tilting adjustments. These chairs are designed to enhance the health, comfort, and safety of the user. There are a multitude of options within these categories. Consumers should consult a professional service to get the right model.

Bariatric Wheelchairs

These wheelchairs offer wider seats to enhance comfort when additional weight capacity is needed. The frame also features heavier duty construction for greater stability and safety.

Pediatric Wheelchairs

It’s a mistake to simply place a child in an adult-sized wheelchair. The smaller bodies of children require a wheelchair sized to their needs. Plus, because children are growing, there will be a need to replace the wheelchair periodically.

Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchair accessories can enhance mobility and accessibility, promoting user freedom. Brake extensions makes it easy for people with arthritis in their hands or limited strength to apply wheel locks, anti-tippers, seat belts, seat and back cushions. Other additional like mobility bags, cup holders, cane holders and oxygen tank holder to travel safely and conveniently.

Choose the Right Wheelchair

Finding the right wheelchair is a big decision. There are so many factors to consider. You might even need to think about how your wheelchair works with other equipment such as lift chairs and patient lifts. That’s why if you’re looking for a wheelchair for sale in Detroit, MI, you should contact professionals who know the pros and cons of the many choices available.