Top Mobility Scooters for Seniors in 2018

As people get older, some loss of mobility is inevitable. While some individuals will be fortunate enough to retain most of their range of motion and independence for many years, others will find it more challenging. Mobility scooters are one way to maintain your activity level and get around, without eliminating many of the activities that you're accustomed to doing yourself. Of course, that doesn't mean that all scooters are the same. Learn about some of the top mobility scooters for seniors in 2018, so you can choose the best option.

Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus 3 Wheel Travel Scooter

A scooter isn't very helpful if even getting it where you need it to be is a herculean effort. The Pride Go-Go Elite is lightweight and easy to disassemble. That means you transport it with relative ease, and it's not going to take forever to disassemble or reassemble when needed. The scooter has a respectable range of travel, and it's fast. Its top speed of 4 mph might not sound like much, but that makes it quicker than the vast majority of scooters on the market today. It maneuvers well in tight spaces and around corners and boasts a weight capacity of 300 pounds. For stable outdoor performance and great maneuverability, you're not going to find many scooters that can match the Pride Go-Go Elite.

Drive Phoenix HD 3 & 4 Wheel Scooter Travel

The Drive Phoenix comes in both 3- and 4-wheel models, so you can choose whether you want sharper turns or enhanced stability. But that's just the beginning of the options that are offered. You can also upgrade to a 20-inch seat, which is fantastic for anyone that wants the added comfort. With a 15-mile range, it can easily last all day. Having a 3.75-inch clearance means that it can travel on rough or uneven terrain with little difficulty, and it also performs quite well on smooth surfaces. If you want a scooter that's heavy duty, this is an excellent choice. It disassembles quickly, and the 350-pound weight capacity is more than most people will ever require.

Drive Panther 4-Wheel All Terrain Scooter

Not all scooters are built to handle the outdoors, but the Drive Panther certainly is. The large, pneumatic tires ride over grass, dirt, and gravel with ease, and the 25-mile range gives you plenty of distance to cover whatever ground lies ahead of you. The 4-inch clearance makes off-road travel a breeze, and with a top speed of 8 mph, you don't always have to take your time.

When it comes to mobility scooters for sale in Detroit, MI, there are plenty of options. Keep in mind your usual activities and needs, and you should be able to find something that exceeds your expectations.