Top Wheelchair Accessories to Improve Your Mobility

Wheelchair Leg Rest

The first wheelchairs were sold in mass production in the late 1700s, and they have come a long way since then. Today, they do far more than just provide a modicum of mobility to those who struggle to walk or cannot walk or stand. That includes many accessories specifically designed to enhance the quality of life of the wheelchair user. If you are looking for a light wheelchair for sale in Detroit, MI, consider adding these accessories to help you get along and do so with both comfort and functionality.

Goals of Accessorizing

The principal goal of adding an accessory to your wheelchair is to improve your quality of life. A secondary goal should be to improve your functionality. Third is navigation and whether the accessory helps you get around where you need to go. Whether you are looking at manual powered wheelchairs for sale or power wheelchairs, you should keep these goals in mind as you outfit your equipment.

Cup Holder

Constantly worrying about a beverage, even if it is in a bottle, is aggravating. It is not easy, however, to set it in your lap all the time and if it falls, you lose your beverage and possibly create a mess. Cup holders fit nicely to the chair’s frame and can be positioned to allow you to set your drink in them with very little effort. In a pinch, cup holders can also serve as a receptacle to hold other things like keys or a remote control.

Cellphone Holder

Cellphones give everyone greater ability to communicate, and today’s smartphones serve as mini computers for most of us. You cannot, however, spend all day holding yours. A cell phone holder lets you store your phone safely and access it when you want or need it.

Wheelchair Head Rest

Travel Bag

A travel bag lets you store your folding wheelchair for transportation or safekeeping. This will ensure your wheelchair is not damaged when you are riding in a vehicle or otherwise traveling while not using the wheelchair.

Leg Rest

While many wheelchairs come with a leg rest, they often do not fit right or are not comfortable. A leg rest that does not give you adequate support can leave you with back problems and pain from pressure on your body. In the worst case scenario, they are downright painful, can cause spasms and even worsen your condition. You should take the time to get fitted and choose the leg rest that feels best to you.


A headrest lets you position your head in a manner that provides you with comfort. It supports your head and neck. Ideally, using the headrest gives you the support you need for extended periods in your wheelchair. With customized positioning, you can have your head and neck placed in a position that best provides you with optimum comfort without affecting your mobility.

Finding the right light wheelchair for sale in Detroit, MI is vitally important, but no less important is ensuring your wheelchair have the tools you need to maximize your comfort and functionality. What accessories do you need on your wheelchair? Visit Midwest D.M.E. Supply, Inc. and find the right accessories to go with your wheelchair, today.